COIC Volunteer Driver Program (VDP)

COIC/CERC is proud to announce the implementation of our new Volunteer Driver Program which is managed out of the Cascades East Ride Center (CERC). The program is designed to provide transportation services for those with unmet transportation needs in our Central Oregon service area. Our staff is dedicated to providing excellent customer service while utilizing the most cost effective strategies to meet the needs of Central Oregonians.

COIC/CERC is currently recruiting Volunteer Driver’s to provide transportation services in Central Oregon for residents who do not have access to, or the ability to utilize, transportation resources. We are seeking volunteers from all walks of life who are interested in providing outstanding customer service for those in our communities who need help getting to and from medical appointments, the pharmacy and other essential services. Volunteers can choose to designate specific populations to provide rides for; Veterans, elderly, the disabled, etc.

If you are a person or business who would like to contribute financially to the COIC Volunteer Driver Program, contributions are gratefully accepted. (Link to printable document).

Program Overview

The objective of the Volunteer Driver Program (VDP) is to provide for unmet transportation needs throughout our Central Oregon service area.

The goal of the VDP is to identify the unmet transportation needs, develop the funding sources to meet those needs, and then to provide those transportation services at the most efficient cost available.

The program is designed to be flexible enough to provide transportation to defined populations and/or defined services as allowed by the specific requirements of the funding sources obtained such as Department of Human Services, Oregon Health Plan and Veteran Services. The purpose in all cases will be to serve those individuals that have no other means of transportation available to them, or are unable to use/access existing transportation. The VDP will serve clients residing in Crook, Deschutes, and Jefferson and Northern Klamath Counties. Trips may also be authorized to and from medical care destinations outside the local area when the required covered services are not available within Central Oregon.

Volunteer Driver Position Description

Provide volunteer transportation services for Central Oregon area riders. Drivers must be courteous and professional and represent themselves in a manner that will maintain and promote the positive reputation of their volunteer position. Drivers must be capable of dealing with a wide range of personalities and situations and must treat riders, many of whom experience a range of medical and physical ailments, with respect and understanding. At all times Drivers will assure safety for themselves and the riders. Drivers are responsible for assuring that the vehicles are maintained. Drivers will be asked to assist in reporting, training, and quality assurance activities. Maintain strict confidentiality of all persons transported and their personal information at all time.

Volunteer Driver Requirements

The Volunteer Driver Program requires that volunteer drivers meet the following minimum qualifications:

1. Be 21 years of age
2. Have at least five years of driving experience
3. Have a valid Oregon driver’s license
4. Successfully pass a driver background check and a criminal history check based on outlined program requirements
5. Own a car in good working condition which meets the outlined vehicle requirements*
6. Be physically capable of assisting riders in and out of vehicles, and able to provide door to door assistance when needed.
7. Successfully complete Driver Training courses provided by COIC
8. Have access to a computer with internet access
9. Carry required level of liability and automobile insurance coverage

* A volunteer’s vehicle must be no more than 15 years old, be kept neat and clean at all times, be equipped with basic safety equipment, and be maintained in good operating condition at all times. Vehicles are to be maintained by the volunteer or volunteer’s mechanic and this is not the responsibility of CERC/COIC. A volunteer must provide verification that the vehicle has passed regular safety and maintenance checks.

Volunteer Driver Reimbursements

Volunteers are highly encouraged to provide trips without reimbursement. Volunteers who would like to provide trips but are unable to do so without reimbursement may submit for reimbursement.

Volunteer Driver Application

Application timelines;

Complete application and either scan/e-mail, fax or bring it to the Cascades East Ride Center attention to the Volunteer Program Coordinator, Erik Maiorano.

1) Turn in application and background form
2) Application review and background checks completed
3) Schedule interview with VDP coordinator
4) Schedule orientation, training and vehicle inspection
5) Schedule start date

Click here for a link to the VDP Manual

For More Information Contact:
Tony Morales, Program Administrator
Office: 541-322-5873
Fax: 541-389-7367