Housing and Homelessness

COIC provides a variety of support services for Housing and Homelessness in Central Oregon, including coordination, technical assistance, policy, and fiscal administration.

The newly established Regional Housing Council (RHC) consists primarily of elected officials from across Central Oregon with a purpose to address Housing and Homelessness on a regional scale. The RHC engages in mutual learning, identifying shared priorities, and serving as a regional voice. The RHC provides all communities in the Central Oregon region the ability to work together on shared needs, build coordinated approaches, and provide unified feedback to State agencies.

In 2023, COIC facilitated and convened a Multi-Agency Coordination Group to allocate Governor Tina Kotek’s Executive Order 23-02 funding to address homelessness at a regional scale, in partnership with the Homeless Leadership Coalition (Central Oregon’s Continuum of Care). Central Oregon received funding to support projects across Crook, Deschutes, and Jefferson Counties.

Since that time, the MAC has continued to work to support additional state funding through subsequent Executive Orders and associated legislative funding packages. Finally, COIC provides staffing services and serves as the Lead Agency for Central Oregon’s Continuum of Care (CoC), with the Homeless Leadership Coalition as the Collaborative Applicant. The CoC brings funding into Central Oregon, supporting and leveraging funds for homeless youth and housing programs. The work also includes a coordinated entry system for those experiencing literal homelessness and reporting systems that help us understand the work necessary to, collectively, reduce and continuously end homelessness in Central Oregon.