Jefferson Co. Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan – Update

COIC is working in collaboration with Jefferson County, local emergency service agencies, state and federal agencies, and others to complete the five-year review and rewrite of Jefferson County’s Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan (NHMP) in 2020-2022. Each five-year update to Jefferson County’s NHMP must be approved by FEMA so that the County is eligible for federal funds to carry out mitigation planning and projects.

About NHMP’s

An NHMP identifies hazards, vulnerabilities, and risks facing a local, state, or tribal government, and prioritizes actions to reduce the risks. An NHMP has two core parts: a risk assessment and a mitigation strategy. The Jefferson County NHMP is a multi-jurisdictional, county-wide plan that assesses and outlines mitigation strategies for hazards specific to our geography, as well as for each of the three communities in the county: Metolius, Culver, and Madras. 

A successful NHMP review process must include:

  • The most up to date information for each local hazard, maps, and other relevant data; 
  • Documentation of the NHMP review process;
  • Opportunities for public engagement and feedback on the plan;
  • Participation from representatives of each jurisdiction to be included in the plan (unless a community decides to create their own NHMP); and
  • Documentation of adoption of the mitigation plan addendum for each jurisdiction.

Jefferson County Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan

  • The Final Draft of the 2021 Jefferson County Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan is available here: Jefferson County MNHMP 2021_Draft. The final version of the document (approved by FEMA and adopted by Cities and the County) will be posted here when it’s available.
  • The 2013 Jefferson County Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan is available here.


For more information contact:

Shelby Knight, Resilience Planner