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Central Oregon
Ready | Responsive | Resilient

NOTE: This project was previously known as the Regional Emergency Services Training and Coordination Center, or RESTCC.

The Problem

Central Oregon, Oregon, and the Pacific Northwest are facing growing threats from natural disasters and other “shocks” that severely impact our households, communities, and economies – including large-scale wildfire, flooding and landslides, future pandemics and public health crises, and the Cascadia Subduction Zone.

Central Oregon has insufficient facilities to meet existing, mandatory training needs of local, state, and federal public safety personnel. In a rapidly growing region, the need for trained public safety and emergency services professionals is increasing. Furthermore, the region lacks a dedicated, multi-agency coordination center for emergency operations, nor does it have an adequate backup 911-center with redundant emergency dispatch capabilities. And in the event of a major natural disaster such as a Cascadia Subduction Zone event, Redmond and the Redmond Airport have been envisioned as a primary staging ground for statewide rescue and recovery operations. 

The Solution: CORE3, a regional emergency training and response center

A diverse multi-agency Steering Team composed of regional and statewide partners has developed a Strategic Business Plan outlining priority services and facilities to be built over six phases. The partners have included all regional fire and law enforcement agencies; Central OR Community College; COIC; key state agencies such as Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST), State Fire Marshal, State Police, and Oregon Emergency Management; Governor Brown’s Regional Solutions; the National Guard, and others. CORE3 would include all the high-priority training needs and props to ensure that critical law enforcement, fire/EMS, and other emergency and preparation needs (e.g train derailment, airport emergencies, etc.) are met. The facility will also offer a turnkey Emergency Coordination Center (ECC) in the event of a major regional, statewide or larger-scale disaster (e.g. Cascadia or future pandemics). 

Where We’re At

The Strategic Business Plan for this facility was completed in September 2020, and since then COIC and our partners have met to discuss the outcomes of the plan and identify next steps for this project over the coming 12-18 months. The highest priorities for the next phase of this project are securing a site, addressing land use and infrastructure issues, and completing design/engineering for the first phase. 

Materials & Information

The Strategic Business Plan can be found here: Central Oregon CORE3 Strategic Business Plan

For an overview of the CORE3 project, check out the PowerPoint and handout here:

CORE3 Overview Powerpoint

 CORE3 Handout

For more information on CORE3, please contact: 

Scott Aycock, Community and Economic Development Director at