Water Resources

Central Oregonians rely on local rivers, streams and aquifers to supply homes, businesses, and farms with water.  Creek and river corridors are some of the most ecologically important zones in the High Desert environment.  Recreational activities such as rafting, fishing, and camping at mountain lakes draw thousands of visitors to the region every year.

The cities and counties of Central Oregon have an important role to play in managing the water resources of the upper Deschutes and Crooked river basins.  Groundwater withdrawal, surface water diversion, wastewater discharge, stormwater management, land use planning, road construction and maintenance, and erosion control activities can all affect local water quality, water availability, and other public values.

COIC supports the region in maintaining clean, reliable water supplies; in preserving and enhancing water quality and aquatic and riparian habitats; and in complying with federal and state regulations such as the Safe Drinking Water Act and Endangered Species Act.

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For more information on our water resources projects, please click the links below:

Central Oregon Stormwater Manual

Deschutes Basin Water Collaborative

Mirror Pond Fish Passage Advisory Committee

** Access the Draft Environmental Report for the Prineville Wetlands Project HERE.


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