2019 Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment for the 2019 Plan Year – Is Here!

Open Enrollment for the Deschutes County / COIC Employee Health Plan begins on November 1st and closes November 16th.  All changes and elections need to be submitted to HR no later than 5:00 PM on Friday, November 16, 2018.  If you have any questions, or need assistance in completing any forms, please contact your supervisor/HR.

Are you a benefit-eligible employee?

During Open Enrollment (OE) all benefit-eligible employees have choices to make regarding their benefits.    

Have you been waiting for Open Enrollment to add/drop a dependent?

?Health Insurance: During Open Enrollment you can add/drop dependents, add/drop dental or medical coverage, or you can opt-out of coverage.

Health Plan Summaries and Health Plan Changes documents can be found by scrolling down to Supporting Documents.

Note: There is no change in the employee contribution to health insurance this year for Deschutes County/COIC employees.

Are you enrolled in Flex Spending / Medical Reimbursement?  Want to be?

?Flexible Spending Accounts: Open Enrollment is the time when you can enroll/re-enroll in Pre-tax Health Reimbursement Expenses account and/or the Dependent Care Expenses account.  These elections must be made every year to continue participation in the program or to rollover up to $500 in your Health Related Expense (HRE) account. You can either enroll online, or submit your enrollment form to HR. The FSA enrollment instruction packet for the January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019 Plan Year can be found by scrolling down to Supporting Documents.


?AFLAC Voluntary Benefits: Enroll/re-enroll in pre-tax voluntary benefits through AFLAC.  Kate Thomas, our amazing AFLAC Representative, has been making the COIC rounds to discuss your options during Open Enrollment.  If you have not yet met with her, please give her a call!  Kate can be reached at (541) 382-4451 or by email at: kate_thomas_group_inc@us.aflac.com

Are you Saving for Retirement?

? Deferred Compensation:  COIC is already contributing the maximum allowed into your PERS account.  If you want to put additional funds aside for retirement, you have a few options through COIC payroll deduct.

OREGON SAVINGS GROWTH PLAN (OSGP) – offers a plethora of retirement options; including assistance in rolling-over previous employer retirement plans into OSGP, and new to COIC is an option to contribute into a ROTH account.  If you have questions, or want to sign-up, please contact  Jack Schafroth Program Coordinator at 503-603-7632 or jack.schafroth@state.or.us

NATIONWIDE – Luke Boudinot is our new Nationwide representative.  Luke is excited to provide an overview of the retirement options available through Nationwide.  Interested in meeting Luke?  Just give him a call  541-735-5647 or e-mail boudil1@nationwide.com

NOTE:  you do not have to enroll in during Open Enrollment, you can enroll at any time.

Do you have enough Life Insurance Coverage?

? CIGNA Life Insurance elections: you may want to review your life insurance elections to see if you want to make any changes. More detail on Life Insurance options can be found by scrolling down to Supporting Documents.


? Open Enrollment Instructions: For a detailed explanation on Open Enrollment options, and changes this year, click on the Open Enrollment Instructions below under Supporting Documents. Open Enrollment details are emailed to employee’s work email addresses and copies provided to those without an email address.  You do not need to complete a form if you are not making changes to your health care coverage.  However, if you want to enroll in or continue Flexible Spending for the next plan year, you must enroll at each Open Enrollment.

Human Resources staff is available for questions; just give us a call (541) 548-9544 or (541) 548-9537, or send us an email at benefits@deschutes.org.