Season Extender Grant Program

COIC is invested in increasing the ability of agricultural producers to improve their growing capacity and markets for local food with season extenders, and improve access to local food for low-income residents.  COIC is offering producers the opportunity to apply for Season Extender Grants for 2014 through the Cultivating Local Food project.  COIC’s overall goal is to increase food production opportunities and low income access to fresh food with season extenders in Central Oregon.  The expected outcomes of the program are to increase:

  • Research-based knowledge regarding starting seeds; plant care; integrated pest management; greenhouse management, design, construction, and operations including water and energy conservation strategies
  • Viability and profitability of agricultural producers
  • Local food markets for Central Oregon consumers
  • Amount of food delivered to food pantries/ banks
  • Self-reliance and confidence

Eligibility Requirements Click here for an application

  • Be an existing or new agricultural producer OR nursery that produces and sells specialty crops or starts for the marketplace in Central Oregon.  For this purpose, specialty crops are produce, berries, nuts, seeds and/or fruit.
    Note: new producers are required to have completed the Master Gardener training program or previously attended a Greenhouse or High Tunnel workshop(s).  To see if you qualify please send your credentials to Katrina Van Dis via email.
  • Participate in the Production Greenhouse Construction workshop (1/8/14).
  • Have established direct markets where you will sell your products in 2014.